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eVoting- should we use biometric methods

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 The essay provides answers to the following questions -
 How far is the use of biometric methods feasible?
 Biometric definitions in brief
 Definitions of FAR and FRR in brief
 What are the biometric methods that one can use and how reliable are they?
 Which biometric methods have been proved to show lowest FAR and
 FRR when used singly?
 What is the effect of spoofing attacks qualitatively and quantitatively as far as UK e-government usage is concerned?
 What kind of support does biometric enabled e-voting enjoy in the UK?
 What factors are taken in to account while estimating the costs of biometric enabled e-voting in the elections in the UK?


Beyond a shade of doubt, it can be said that the present era belongs to democracy. It has started gaining universal acceptance as one of the ideal forms of governance and administration. This paper aims at assessing the feasibility of biometric methods in voting. <br />

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