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Report on the expansion of CNDC, a property development company, in UK market

Number of Words : 3548

Number of References : 16


 Executive Summary 1
 Introduction 3
 Why UK? 3
 Entry mode 4
 Internationalization strategy 7
 Cultural and Institutional Barriers 8
 Critical analysis 11
 Conclusion 12
 Bibliography 14


The report discusses about a Chinese company, CNDC which is a well established property development company who are looking to grow their business by adopting new technology of prefabricated houses which can be built faster and are less expensive which are gaining demand in China. To execute the project the company is planning a joint venture with a real estate development company in UK who is expertise in this technology and can give an opportunity to exchange the technology. The report discusses the factors influencing CNDC to enter the European market and the strategies to be applied and the measures to be taken to successfully carry out the joint venture which allow both the companies to add value to their businesses.<br />

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