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Essay on the topic of Expatriate Management

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  What are the major challenges related to a strategic approach to expatriate management?
  Managing the overall family situation
  Managing Expatriate Spouses
  Ensuring comprehensive support systems
  Ensuring HR involvement from the planning stage onward
  Establishing policies and ensuring / tracking compliance
  Candidate selection for international assignments
  Measuring candidate performance for expatriates
  Career planning for expatriates
  Involvement of the host office in expatriate assimilation
  Financial impact of success / failure of expatriate management
  Training of candidates for international assignments
  Ensuring successful repatriation
  Succession and HR planning
  How might you address those challenges and also measure the success or otherwise of your suggestions?


Business is no longer limited by national boundaries. The majority of the world's large corporations perform a significant portion of their activities now outside their home countries. As many firms continue to establish and strengthen their presence overseas, they are also experiencing high failure rates among their international managers. According to a number of studies, the rate of failure among American expatriates for example ranges from 25 percent to 40 percent depending on the location of assignment (Maali H. Ashamalla, 1998). This high rate of failure is caused by the numerous challenges faced in expatriate management.<br />

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