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Assignment on Exxon valdez oil spill disaster

Number of Words : 2727

Number of References : 16


 Abstract 3
 1. Introduction 3
 1.1 The future goals and objectives of ExxonMobil Corporation 3
 2. Oil refinery industrial processes 4
 3. Factors that lead to the oil spill 7
 4. The consequences and hazards of the oil spill disaster 7
 5. Improvements and changes after the disaster…………………………9
 Conclusion 9
 References 10


Oil spills are very frequently heard and pose a large threat to marine ecosystems. It is very evident that it is important to be conscious of the impacts and understand ways to prevent extensive environmental damage. This paper gives an overview of the oil spills and briefly discusses the techniques used prevent oil spills, how spills can occur, and cleanup strategies. An in depth analysis of the Exxon Valdez accident in Prince William Sound, Alaska of 1989 is then provided. ExxonMobil with its tagline as “Taking on the world’s toughest energy challenges” is the world's biggest publicly traded global Corporation, delivering energy that to developing economies and increase standards of living. The Exxon Valdez oil spill disaster is regard as one of human-caused error that lead to marine environmental catastrophes that ever happen. Even though there have been bigger oil spill, but none of any match the ecological destruction done by Exxon Valdez oil spill.<br />

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