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Business Plan for ‘Factory Furniture’ and its expansion into European market

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  Executive summary
  Business description
  Business structure and market demand
  Vision & Mission Strategy
  The process
  Advantages of this proposed plan
  Operation for the set up of the factory at Malaysia
  Porter’s Five Forces Model – Competitive Analysis
  The financial investments
  Break-Even achievement
  Critical Analysis
  List of references


Furniture is such a commodity in any market of the world which has a very generic demand. It could be classified as common man’s demand at the same time high end demand as well. The moment a society head for growth and development and infrastructure start building up, furniture is the first thing comes under a lot of demand. Factory Furniture has the positive aspect of manufacturing furniture in public place convenience and that gives them the strong point to come under notice globally. New market evolution helps consumers to arrange for easy financials for residential properties or new business ventures and further expenditure on interior along furniture. Evolution of globalisation and its effect or interaction helps the demand evolve more and take a vast shape. Starting from public furniture to furniture in education institutions, offices, residential properties everything makes a change in style, colour, structure etc. The opportunity hence is large for a company like Factory Furniture to expand its horizon of new furniture, new style, new texture, new market and a large profit. Even if the production operation takes place in Malaysia, the brand still gets the opportunity to spread. Niche market like Europe is a strong economy, with high purchasing power and considered a developed nation. It is near geographically to UK and has a large population who likes innovative and stylish way of living. Europeans prefer wooden elegance than a metal one; hence, they Factory Furniture’s expansion strategy towards European market has been more of a wooden elegance. <br />The objective of business for Factory Furniture becomes many folds, expand their business horizon, expand their market horizon, establish the brand much largely, and make it famous in other parts of the world apart from UK and definitely getting a quick return from all requisite investments done on these. The USP for Factory Furniture is that it makes furniture which is both wooden as well as metal, giving it an elegant look. Targeting the high end class in Europe the company needs to focus on the sales optimization and the attaining of the high level of customer satisfaction as well which is typically post sale service. The business, corporate or upper middle classes are targeted for this product. <br />The strategic positioning for the brand Factory Furniture is to have a niche market for itself in other parts of the world also and to begin with Europe which is famous for its demand for elegant and architectural furniture. Therefore Central and Eastern Europe were identified as the potential market. Local consumers, the homemakers along with offices, corporate houses and of course other infrastructure like schools, colleges etc. would be targeted. Europe has an eye for detail and elegancy and can afford it also, so wooden than a metal has been targeted<br />

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