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Strategic Analysis and Future recommendations for Far Horizon

Number of Words : 5072

Number of References : 13


 Introduction 2
 Project Background 2
 Far Horizon – An Analysis 3
 The BCG Matrix 3
 Product Life Cycle Analysis 4
 SWOT Analysis 5
 Strengths 5
 Weaknesses 6
 Opportunities 7
 Threats 8
 Analysis of Financial Performance of Far Horizon 9
 Macro-environmental Scanning PESTEL Framework 11
 Political 12
 Economical 13
 Social 15
 Technological 16
 Environmental 17
 Legal 17
 Market Analysis 18
 Marketing Strategy 19
 Marketing Plan 20
 Break-Even Analysis of Expansion Plan 21
 Cash Flow Forecast 22
 Conclusion 24
 References 26
 Appendix 29


The changing market conditions compel businesses either introduce new products or services or venture into newer areas of business. The market conditions such as per capita income, consumers’ buying power, economy of the nation influence the market strategies of organizations greatly. The essential goods market may not be influenced greatly from the market conditions. However, non-essential products and services such as entertainment, leisure, sports equipment rely greatly on positive market factors for their success in the business. Far Horizon had been doing well in the UK inshore yacht market. However, the current scenario of dwindling economy has made the company to rethink about their business strategies and expand its product base to sea going yachts. The business plan analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the company, micro and macro environmental factors of the marine industry in the UK, market conditions etc. The business plan also does a cost estimation and break even analysis for the proposed expansion plan of Far Horizon. The report then does a cash flow analysis and provides time based implementation plan for the project. <br />

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