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Few Questions on Managerial Economics

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This paper provides answers to the following questions - <br />Q.1 Price elasticity of demand depends on various factors. Explain each factor with the help of an example.<br />Q.2 A company is selling a particular brand of tea and wishes to introduce a new flavor. How will the company forecast demand for it?<br />Q.3 The supply of a product depends on the price. What are the other factors that will affect the supply of a product.<br />Q.4 Show how producers equilibrium is achieved with isoquants and isocost curves.<br />Q.5 Discuss the full cost pricing and marginal cost pricing method. Explain how the two methods differ from each other<br />Q.6 Discuss the price output determination using profit maximization under perfect competition in the short run.<br />Q.7 Income elasticity of demand has various applications. Explain each application with the help of an example.<br />Q.8 When is the opinion survey method used and what is the effectiveness of the method.<br />Q.9 Show how price is determined by the forces of demand and supply, by using forces of equilibrium.<br />Q.10 Distinguish between fixed cost and variable cost using an example.<br />Q.11 Discuss Marris Growth Maximization model ?<br />Q.12 Explain how fiscal policy is used to achieve economic stability<br />

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