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Film Review - The Purge

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Set in not too distant future (2022), the movie does offer its viewers a unique concept and background to start with. The plot revolves around the incidents that take place during the Purge night- a 12 hour long period during which criminal activities become legal. Citizens are allowed to vent their anger, frustration and hatred, within this period, and walk away scot free. James Sadin, protagonist of the movie has built his fortune and fortress by selling home security equipments to Americans, demands for which soar mainly during the Purge night. The plot gains momentum when James, his wife and two children, who are used to live within the protective walls of the fortress, suddenly find themselves as Purge victims. Charlie, Jame’s loner son provides shelter to a stranger, inside the house, which is otherwise as safe as a vault.The “Polit Stranger” and his gang of psychos, who were chasing down the stranger, to “purge” him out of the society, tracks him down. Now, the lives of James and his family members become endangered, as they could not decide whether or not to give up the stranger to the psychos in exchange of their own safety.<br />

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