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Financial analysis of 888 Holdings Public Limited Company

Number of Words : 2706

Number of References : 14


 Introduction 3
 About 888 Holdings plc 3
 About Bwin.party Digital Entertainment Plc –The competitor 4
 Financial Analysis 5
 1. Profitability 5
 2. Financial stability 8
 3. Liquidity 9
 4. Dividend payout ratio 10
 5. Price to book value ratio 11
 Event Analysis 12
 Critics about the company 12
 Corporate Governance 13
 Recommendation 14
 References 15


This report will do fundamental analysis on 888 Holdings Public Limited Company (888), which is one of the world’s leaders in online gaming. The company is listed on London stock exchange and is part of FTSE 250. Fundamental analysis is carried out on the company by analyzing profitability ratios such as operating margin, return on equity and return on assets and liquidity ratios to evaluate the performance of the company over the last five years. This report will also benchmark 888 against nearest competitor, Bwin. This report will also evaluate the qualitative parameters such as corporate governance to support our quantitative analysis. Finally, buy or sell recommendation will be made based on the analysis.<br />

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