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Financial Management & Analysis report on 2 companies from Srilankan Telecommunication industry

Number of Words : 4055


 This report is based on the following requirement -
 1. Your are required to select any two (2) companies within any one of the following
 i. Retail
 ii. Banking
 iii. Telecommunication / Technology
 iv. Energy / Petroleum
 v. Aviation
 vi. Pharmaceutical and
 vii. Food
 2. Obtain financially relevant information for each of your chosen companies for a period of 5years (say 2008-2012).
 3. Extract the following financial ratios (or the necessary information to calculate the ratios), for each company over a period of 5 years:
  i. Profitability Ratios [Any 3 ratios]
  ii. Liquidity Ratios [Any 2 ratios]
  iii. Efficiency Ratios [Any 2 ratios ]
  iii. Gearing Ratios [Any 2 ratios]
  iv. Investment Ratios [Any 3 ratios]
 4. Critically examine the performance of the two companies using the ratios extracted over the period under consideration (use graphs of the ratios extracted to support your analysis). Recommend the best company for investment (with the necessary justifications)
 5. What are the main weaknesses associated with such analysis?


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