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Financial Statement Analysis of Billabong International

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 Executive Summary
 Analysis of Current Situation
 Comparative income statements and Ratio Analysis
 Graphical Representation of the Declining Profits
 Ratio Analysis
 Company Strengths and weaknesses
 Suggestions for improvements


Introduction to the company<br />Billabong International Limited (BBG), established in 1973, produces surf wear and sports apparel and accessories for the surf, skate and snowboard markets. BBG now has a presence in more than 60 countries. The Billabong brand is targeted to both active participants in surf and extreme sports and people who desire to be identified with its image. BBG supports the promotion of the Billabong brand through the sponsorship of athletes and events.<br />Analysis of Current Situation<br />The company’s growth rate has been very healthy and more than the industry average. But instead of that much rise in sales, the company’s profit has been decreased from the last year’s profit. Reasons for this decline in profits are increase in cost of production, Marketing and Admin Expenses, other Operating Profits and Finance Charges due to inflation, increase in interest rates and taxes. There is very tough competition in market, so it is not possible to increase the profits.<br />Comparative Income Statements and Ratio Analysis<br />Comparative income statements have been prepared and a ratio analysis has been made which identifies the problem areas and makes the situation very clear.<br />Graphical Representation of Sales, Costs and Profit Trends<br />A graphical representation of sales, expenses and profits has been made, which shows their trend and highlights the key problem areas.<br />Suggestions for Improvements<br />Suggestions for improvements have been given for the problem areas identified.<br />

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