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Report on the Comparison and Contrast of the Financial systems of Australia and India

Number of Words : 6576

Number of References : 19


 (1.0) Executive Summary 3
 (2.0) Introduction (About the Chosen Countries ) 4
 (2.1) Overview of Australian Financial System 6
 (2.2) Types of Financial Institutions in Australia 7
 (2.3) Financial Markets (Australia) 10
 (2.4) Regulation (Australia) 11
 (3.0) Overview of Indian Financial System 13
 (3.1) Types of Financial Institutions in India 14
 (3.2) Financial Markets in India 16
 (3.3) Regulation (India) 17
 (4.0) Comparison of Monetary Policy (Australia and India) 18
 (4.1) Monetary Policy Framework 20
 (5.0) Efficient functioning of financial system in respective countries 22
 (6.0) Conclusion 24
 References 25


The report is based on the comparison of financial systems of the two different countries i.e. Australia and India. These were chosen due to their complex and interesting financial systems which are of paramount importance to the proper running of the economy. The purpose of the report is to analyze how the financial system of the two countries serves the purpose of transferring of funds, payments systems and managing financial risk in the country. <br />The main elements of financial system of both the countries including differing types of institutions, financial markets, financial intermediation and financial instruments or financial products have been discussed to identify their importance in the economy and the role they play in running an efficient economy. In addition, an in depth study of the formulation and framework of monetary policy of respective countries have done, as they act as backbone of financial systems<br />The report is concluded after providing an analysis about the efficient functioning of the financial system, which highlights both the drawbacks and the positives in the financial sector of the respective countries.<br />

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