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Foreign market entry plan for Japan based company Fast Retailing to enter UAE market through its brand UNIQLO

Number of Words : 5885

Number of References : 23

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 Executive Summary 2
 Introduction 6
 Situational Analysis 6
 Scope 6
 Company 6
 SWOT Analysis 7
 Core Competencies 8
 Marketing Capabilities 9
 Product and market review 9
 Company and product review 9
 Category and company Sales 10
 Behaviour and Trends 10
 Pricing 11
 Distribution 11
 Competitive Review 11
 Target Market Effectors 12
 Understanding the marketplace and customer needs 13
 Customer needs, wants and demands 13
 Market Offering 13
 Customer values and satisfaction 13
 Exchanges and relationships 13
 Market 14
 Barriers to entry 14
 Entry Strategy 15
 Designing a customer driven strategy 15
 Selecting customers to serve 15
 Choosing a value proposition 15
 Marketing Management orientation 15
 Company-wide strategic planning 15
 Market-oriented mission 15
 Company objectives and goals 16
 Business portfolio 16
 Planning marketing: partnering to build customer relationships 16
 Partnering with other company departments 16
 Partnering with others in the marketing system 17
 Customer driven marketing strategy 17
 Market segmentation 17
 Market targeting 18
 Differentiation and positioning 19
 Tactical marketing mix tools 20
  Product 20
  Branding 20
  Packaging 20
  Pricing 21
  Distribution 21
  Personal selling / distribution 21
  Promotion / events 22
  Advertising message 22
  Advertising media 22
  Merchandising 22
  Publicity 23
 Marketing plan budget and schedule 23
 Execution and Evaluation 24
 Conclusion 24
 Bibliography 25
 Appendices 28
 Appendix 1: Financial Performance 28
 Appendix 2: Corporate Governance of Fast retailing Co. Ltd. 29


UNIQLO is a one of the well known apparel brand of Fast Retailing Co. Ltd. based in Japan and operating in several countries all over the world. However, it has not entered the UAE market yet to grab its potential. The report proposes the entry of Fast Retailing in the Dubai market, Dubai being a hub of fashion retailers. The people of UAE including both the UAE nationals as well as the expatriates from different parts of the country would be provided with the essence of the global fashion trends including the Japanese fashion apparel by this brand.<br />The report chalks out a marketing plan by undertaking comprehensive evaluation of the company and its offering and the market in which it is supposed to enter, UAE. <br />

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