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Forensic Mental Health System – A comparison between New South Wales and Victoria

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  Forensic Mental health System in New South Wales
  The History and Present Scenario
  Forensic Mental health System in Victoria
  Traditional Approaches and Need for Policies
  Strategies for Rural and Metropolitan Areas
  New Trends: The Pact between New South Wales & Victoria


Forensic mental health comprises a field of workers who work with the legal system as it relates to laws regarding mental health issues. These workers can be psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed counselors or social workers. The work in forensic mental health is varied, including several different types of work. The different countries have the different rules and regulations to deal with such issues as this is bound to laws and judiciary. Some professionals related to this field usually psychiatrists, mental and physical standards of the accused for their compatibility and fitness to face trials, assess their level of criminal indulgence. In most of the cases, there is the clash in the opinions of the experts of the two sides, which depicts that how much challenging the field is, and is subject to more research and interpretation. <br />

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