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Analysis of the famous case study - Fraught change in a utility business (Employee relations/ voice)

Number of Words : 4000

Number of References : 15


 This report answers the following questions on the case study -
 You are asked as an independent consultant to conduct a critical review of the company’s employee relations strategies of the last few years and recommend the way forward. Write a business report that answers all the three questions:
 1. a) Using Walton, Cutcher-Gershenfeld and McKersie’s strategic negotiations framework (Table 6.2, page 177 of the textbook), how would you describe the old management’s strategy?
 b) Examining the factors identified in the Table 6.2, how would you rate the choice of this strategy? What most likely accounted for the poor performance of the strategy?
 2. How would you describe and rate the company’s new employee relations attitude/ position once the old CEO left?
 3. Using the framework of voice systems and management style in Figure 6.4, page 184, what style would you recommend for this company going forward and why? You should assume that the labour market will remain tough/ resilient and that poor service performance will hurt the company’s reputation. As part of your answer, make sure you explain carefully how the company should implement your recommended style because so much of success in this area depends on the ‘how’ of any strategy is implemented.


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