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Assignment on the future of Housing market in terms of the market prices, demand and supply for the properties

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  The trend of the Housing Market Prices
  The Demand and Supply
  Cost of Living
  Prediction for the Next two years
  Current Moments of Housing Market


The globalization, what it means, it opens up the barriers to entry to enter into any potential market. Due to the massive competition, the present business companies face severe difficulties to sustain their relative market share in their home country, to stand on their business to increase the share holder’s wealth they have to search for alternative markets in form of market development. The external environmental factors determine the particular market structure. Phlip Kotler has suggested “that the pace of environmental change is not only increasingly rapid, but that these changes are now often discontinuous in nature” (G. Lancaster, 2nd edition). Here are the environmental changes with which organizations have had to cope over the last decade. As we have already noted, consumers and legislative bodies have become increasingly concerned about the natural environment. Once upon a time real estate business and property development market looked like a sugar cane for each and every aspects of the population, it was attracted by all the criteria of the population including the immigrant investor also the top, middle and low level peoples, but since last year the situation became vice versa, prices were slumped, advances to these sectors were tighten by the lending bodies, most of the recently acquired houses went on reprocessing. The whole market lost the confidence among the investors and the population; the latest survey predicted that the prices will fall further 15% in 2009 and by another 7% in the year 2010 but in 2014 after the Olympic it will raise by 30 %. Therefore this essay is going to critically inside the veil of those factors with the support of vibrant published evidence to consider the extent of those issues and finally by considering all of these factors express the forecast for the housing future market in terms of the market prices, demand and supply for the properties. <br />

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