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Case Discussion on the The Past, the Present and implications for the Future of QANTAS Airlines

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 Introduction 2
 Evolution 2
 Past 3
 Present 6
 Future 10
 Conclusion 11
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The present world of globalized business has brought in a need for companies to compete with one another in a manner never witnessed before. Companies have therefore started to look at internal processes and structures very carefully. They have realized the importance of change thanks to the work of numerous researchers who study industries and the way they operate. As Burke, 2002 points out organizations change much slowly than the external environments. As it can be imagined, this has a negative impact on the company’s plans since the parameters taken into account during the formation of the plan are no longer the same leading to unpredictable and often undesirable effects. Therefore, organizations have now attempted to understand, manage and lead change so that they can take more pro – active measures that ensure better control over the direction of its progression. In the sections below, we trace the development of Qantas Airlines and attempt to predict its future with knowledge of the various methods it would have adopted during the numerous changes that have taken place during its 80+ years of operation.<br />

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