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Short essay on Gang Violence

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  Classification of gangs
  Social analysis & Conclusion
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– Gang Violence is one of the major social concerns today and this is a common social concern across the world. There are hardly any continent, country, state and capital where gang and gang related violence is not seen today. One can definitely say that gang violence is not a new phenomenon rather very old. From very old days the concept of gang, gang war etc. have been seen in history, with economic liberalization, social and technical developments all around, the concept of gang and gang violence has only changed its shape and style. Different societies have propagated gangs and their related violence in respective manner. Gangs have been classified as street gangs which are comparatively smaller in volume as well as gang members by demographics like age, maturity or skill sets etc. On the other hand, there are high level criminal gangs who eventually develop from smaller gangs only. Gangs can develop anywhere, street, school, colleges, large institutions, prison etc. etc. At places like a school, colleges or any other education institutions gangs are primarily little mischief gathering or associations, and gangs with anti-social elements are either seen on the streets or prison or they exist in under world locations (United States Mint). <br />

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