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Report examining how General Motors has pursued various Business Strategies in their quest to achieve success

Number of Words : 4009

Number of References : 20


 This report answers the following questions on General Motors –
 a) Examine the main Mergers and Acquisitions that the company has pursued as well as the reasons behind why they have chosen these methods.
 b) Examine the main Joint Ventures/ Strategic Alliances that the company has pursued as well the reasons behind why they have chosen these methods. As Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances are very similar in format you can look at them in the same section.
 c) Analysis of emerging markets.
 Analyse the new international markets such as China, Indian, Turkey, etc., that the selected company has entered. In this section address issues such as how successful the company has been, major problems it faces, competition, cultural problems, levels of market share, etc.
 d) Analyse 1 key threat that your selected organisation faces in 2010.
 e) Why is this such a key issue for the company? Justify your selection by citing academic sources support your choice and explaining the impact of this threat.
 f) Put forward innovative ideas for how the company can deal with the threat. These must be your ideas – do not plagiarise from an external source.


This report analyze the performance of General Motors over the past decade and discuss its management strategies and the rationale behind some of the key decisions.<br />

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