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Research proposal on the topic ‘Generation Y and Management’

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  Review of Literature
  Aims/Research questions
  Operability of variables


Generation Y population is technologically advanced, well informed and the harbingers of the new global village, where borders have melted thanks mainly to multinational corporations. Generation Y employees increasingly seek work-life balance than their predecessors Generation X population. Bernard Salt (2008) opines that generation Y work-force in their 20s is more exposed to the global economy and job opportunities in the developed world than generation X work-force did in their 20s. The information technology boom in the late 80s and early 90s enabled the generation Y population in their teens have access to more information of events around the world. The acquired knowledge exceeded that of generation X population. High knowledge levels of generation Y population in business and other areas resulted in their supreme self confidence and self esteem and that they would have changed at least five jobs by the time they reach 28 (Catherine Holahan, 2005). The high knowledge levels, efficiency, independence, need for life apart from work make the management of generation Y population to adopt a different management strategy than that of generation X. <br />

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