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Few questions on Geo-Technical Engineering

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This paper answers the following questions – <br />Question 1 <br />a) Define rock. What is the relationship between rock and mineral?<br />b) What is the discontinuity in rock?<br />Question 2 <br />Discuss Geologic Rock Cycle in your own words with neat sketch.<br />Question 3 <br />Estimate the vertical and horizontal stress at a depth of 500 m in a zone of normal faulting in Paleozoic sedimentary rocks. Use Figure 4.7b (Goodman, 1989 / Resource Materials, Reading 9-4) and assume the normal faulting is recent.<br />Question 4 <br />Describe the meaning of the terms ‘Anisotropy’ and ‘Inhomogeneity’ used in the context of rock engineering.<br />

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