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Presentation on current trends in global e-commerce solutions

Number of Words : 21

Number of References : 4


 Executive summary on e-commerce strategies
 What is e-commerce?
 Benefits of E-commerce solutions
 Global e-commerce – Important issues
 E-commerce technology issues
 Major consumer concerns
 Trends in online marketing
 E-commerce trends today
 E-commerce models – B2B, B2C, C2C
 Strategies for global e-commerce
 E-commerce technologies – ebXML, EDI
 Internationalization of e-commerce
 Industry focus


A study on the various <b>e-commerce solutions</b> provided by economists. Various Implications of globalization and <b>e-commerce trends</b> in healthy growth of organizations. What are the <b>e-commerce</b> strategies and reforms taken by industrialists to improve stability of the organization?<br />

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