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Report on global warming

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 Global warming
 India & environmental regulations
 India & global warming
 Political standing on global warming
 International strategy on global warming
 other strategies implemented by India
 Conclusion on effects of global warming


The earth temperature has been rising at a faster rate than ever before in 10,000 years. The sudden rise in record breaking temperatures, highly destructive floods and hurricanes all around the globe has given a hint to most of the countries what lies ahead or what they should be ready to face. Despite all this most of the countries are not willing to make changes in their environmental regulations as they believe that the required steps would hamper their economic growth. Countries like India and china which are the fastest growing economies in the world and they rely heavily on coal for their energy supply. As a result they are largely responsible for the emission of the carbon dioxide and hence causing <b>global warming</b>. Apart from certain measures taken due to political pressure and economic reasons, India currently has no legal binding commitments to tackle the problem of <b>global warming</b> as it is in the notion that developed countries have created this problem and they should solve it.<br />

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