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Answers to the questions relating to Globalization

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 This paper provides answer to the following questions on Globalization –
 1. Globalization a force, which brought so much good, becomes so controversial?
 2. What role IMF and World Bank can play in proving to be successful form of globalization.
 3. Threats of small-scale organizations towards the global competition.
 4. The favors developing countries and small-scale organizations expecting from global leaders and economic bodies.
 6. How can western countries help, for the good of globalization.
 7. Ways ahead of globalization.
 8. The better roads to market to reduce poverty and provide stability in the market.
 9. What are the benefits of globalization for the average person?
 10. What are the drawbacks of globalization for the average person?
 11. In what ways might globalization render the nation-state relatively weak (and is this necessarily a bad thing)?
 12. In what ways, if any, should globalization be stifled?
 13. How must education systems be fundamentally altered to accommodate this new, global market?
 14.In the final analysis, will globalization lead to more peace or more war? Explain..


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