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Essay on Globalization and Human Rights

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 This essay is based on the folllowing requirement -
 “Globalization has significantly changed the world we live in, presenting new and complex challenges for the protection of human rights. 

Economic players, especially companies that operate across national boundaries (trans-national companies), have gained unprecedented power and influence across the world economy. 

This has not always benefited the societies in which they operate. Companies cause harm by directly abusing human rights, or by colluding with others who violate human rights. Despite this potential to cause significant harm, there are few effective mechanisms at national or international level to prevent corporate human rights abuses or to hold companies to account. 

This means those affected by their operations – often already marginalized and vulnerable - are left powerless, without the protection to which they are entitled, or meaningful access to justice. “   Amnesty International Web Site
 Critically evaluate this statement, and the issues and debates surrounding “effective mechanisms” to protect human rights from business activity.


Contents -<br />Introduction <br />Globalization <br />Globalization & Human Rights <br />Abuse of human rights by transnational organizations <br />Challenges of protection of human rights in globalization <br />Effective mechanism at protecting the human rights in international levels<br />Effective mechanism at national levels<br />Conclusion<br />Bibliography <br />

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