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Analysis of the famous case study – Goings on at Greenway Industries

Number of Words : 3296

Number of References : 20


 1.1 Purpose
 1.2 Scenario
 2.0 How to approach work place agency for a first time?
 2.1 Support of Ken and Peter
 3.0 Future implications for the company
 3.1 Develop the HR Project plan
 3.2 Conduct the HR due diligence review
 3.3 Compare and develop the strategy to integrate
 3.4 Cost benefit analysis
 3.5 Human Resources Accounting
 4.0 Advantages to accumulate by adopting the reporting process
 5.0 Strategies to adopt the change
 6.0 Disadvantages for the company taking the Agency reporting
 7.0 Conclusion
 8.0 Recommendations
 9.0 Reference List


The report is about Goings on at Greenway industries for the Board of Directors. The case is about issues going on about equal opportunity for women at Greenway Industries. The dilemma concerned is with Kate who started informal campaign by gentle pressure on her husband and her mother to lodge the report with Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency. On the other side Arthur and his family are most resistant; disclosing information of a family business on a public register. A member of Arthur family- Lim believes it as a move of Kate to find a space on the board for herself. Kate still blames on the male dominated firm where she is looking for a space to join the company by her daughters who have genuine interest. Experience of Ken in IBM Australia in this matter concerns a lot to approach the work place agency for a first time for the firm. Peter can take help of Kate to lodge the company’s first report. Advantages include Females staff will work with motivation and as females are given equal opportunity for each task, their mentality towards gender discrimination changes towards work. As it is a big change there are strategies to adopt change such as educating employees and improving communication with them, facilitation and support, negotiation, Manipulation and cooptation, coercion etc. Though disagreement from Arthur, Kate’s zeal towards the movement is genuine and company will benefit from her move. As a recommendation, company can; Adopt proper grievances handling procedure, Understand expectations and requirements of the employees across cultures, Manage cross cultural teams, implement equal employment opportunity, Proper training & Development program to prepare them for the change, Implement HR Process Mapping.<br />

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