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Assignment on Corporate Communication using the example of Goodman Fielder

Number of Words : 1793

Number of References : 8


 Theory Corporate communication
 Corporate communication tools and activities used by Goodman Fielder
 Communication based on product sales style
 Difference between an identity activity and a sales activity
 What is the difference between an identity and an image?
 Theory – Corporate Identity
 Current identity, activities and tools of Goodman Fielders
 Corporate Image
 Theory on Corporate Image
 Evaluation of corporate image and identity
 CSR and Corporate communication
 Theory of CSR
 Communication Program and stakeholders
 Stakeholder and CSR consistency
 Stakeholders of Goodman Fielder
 Image and CSR consistency


Corporate communication is a management function which has come into existence with the advent of 20th century. Corporate communication is referred to as a tool to maintain good relationship and terms with the stakeholders on whom the organization depends for its very survival. The concept of corporate communication has come in importance due to the shift in the traditional system of limited production and consumption to a more flexible competitive market (Cornelissen, J., 2004). The paper highlights on the various tools used by the organization Goodman Fielder to communicate with the internal and external public and this helps in forming the corporate image. <br />

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