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Assessment of the Organizational culture of Google Inc

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Number of References : 6

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 1. Abstract
 2. Introduction
 3. Culture in Google
 3.1 Culture of hierarchy
 3.2 Culture of teamwork
 3.3 Culture of setting goals
 3.4 Culture of self assessment
 3.5 Culture of leadership style
 3.6 Culture of motivation through innovative policies
 3.7 Culture of recreations
 4. Criticisms
 4.1 Excessive liberties
 4.2 Lack of well defined hierarchy
 5. Conclusion


The report is an attempt to critically analyze and discuss the various aspects of the multinational corporation, Google Incorporated. Also, the overall impact of the organizational culture on the performance levels of the employees and that of the organization, as a whole, has been assessed. A number of research articles have been cited in this regard. First of all, the various aspects that are encompassed by the term “organizational culture” have been discussed. The objective and the underlying principal, based on which the organizational culture of Google Incorporated is created, has also been discussed and analyzed. The organizational culture that exists within Google Incorporated is a reflection of the brand identity that it has managed to create over the years. The organizational culture of Google Incorporated corresponds with the particular image that has been popular among its followers. Some of the most prominent aspects regarding the organizational culture of Google Incorporated have been discussed in this regard. The employees are considered as team members who are accountable and responsible for the welfare of the organization. Each employee, as a member of the team is required to share the responsibilities. Also, the individual goals of the employees are not differentiated from the larger organizational goals. A unique aspect is the decentralized structure and the low level of hierarchy within the organization. This particular structure is followed to encourage a culture, where employees can feel free to communicate with the top management with the organization. Self assessment is another important culture of the organizations. The employees are entrusted with the responsibilities of assessing and judging their own performances. Leadership style is also an important factor that has helped shape up a particular culture within the organization. The leadership style followed in Google Incorporated encourages employees to express their opinions and feedbacks, whenever they feel. A unique policy followed by the organization is known as “twenty percent personal time”. It allows the employees to devote a certain amount of their times in a project of their own choice. Also there are various forms of recreations which are directed at creating a relaxed atmosphere within the organization. These policies promote a culture of motivation among the employees. There organizational culture followed in the organization also has its share of controversies. The liberties provided to the employees and decentralized structure of the organization has often been criticized by experts. These criticisms have also been discussed through this report. It has been concluded that Google Incorporated have proved to be quite successful in its development and implementation of a culture that does not follow some of the conventional norms. In spite of the few criticisms, it can be inferred that Google Incorporated has, in many ways revolutionized the way organizational culture in a multinational organizational is perceived.<br />

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