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Analysis of a famous case study on Satyam Inc India – ‘Governance in a globalising world’

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 This paper answers the following questions on the case study –
 Why do you think the Satyam scandal happened?
 How might such a scandal be presented, in the future?


In the corporate world, due to few of the recent unhealthy happening like dishonest practices that has been followed by Enron, Satyam Computers, World com, the key stakeholders are really concerned about the truthfulness that prevails in the business. Public raise a question that why these people who were involved in the scandal were not questioned by the people who were believed to be well educated and who were entrusted with the job of watching for prevention of some happenings (Stigler 1968). It is disheartening to note that these people who held the moral responsibility of regulating the companies to follow the regulations laid by the regulatory bodies, had lacked the moral courage to discover and reveal the actual happenings in the company. This essay analyses the reason behind the scandal and how to prevent them.<br />

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