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Marketing plan for the Graduate School of Law and Business (GSLB) of RMIT University, Australia

Number of Words : 3655

Number of References : 14


 Introduction 4
 Project Description 5
 Aim/Purpose 6
 Market Research 7
 Marketing strategy 8
 Branding 8
 Advertising 9
 Public Relations (PR) 10
 Merchandising 11
 Educational Fairs 12
 Successful Alumni 12
 Milestones 13
 Scope of Market Plan 13
 Budget Plan 15
 Conclusion 16
 Recommendations for the Project 16
 References 20
 Appendix 22


The Graduate School of Law and Business which were two different schools are now being merged into one by the RMIT University. This is an innovative and dynamic move by the RMIT University. This just does not help in financial management and running of the institutions but also throws new light onto the revolutionary ideas that could come with the merging of the two courses. It also throws new challenges to the staff of the institutions to manage both the streams under one roof.<br />The following report is a marketing plan to launch this new venture and also to create a brand image for GSBL. Market research will be given prime importance in planning the strategy. Surveys will be organized through out the nation using different mediums like print media, electronic media and also a dedicated team will be formed to conduct on hand surveys. Depending on the results of these surveys a detailed strategy will be adopted to market brand GSBL.<br />Professional advertising and software companies will be hired to create a logo and an informative but user-friendly website. The brand GSBL will be advertised through out the nation using different mass communication mediums like newspaper, television, radio, internet, educational agents. Tie-ups with advertising agencies will be an essential part of the plan in promoting GSBL. Websites and social networking sites will be given importance as they use the most effective way of promoting, word of mouth.<br />A PR team would be setup which will look into the establishing of call centre and conduction of press conferences. The PR team will also be responsible for tie ups with different educational agencies through out the nation. The dedicated team mentioned earlier responsible for surveys will come under the PR team and will report to the PR manager.<br />A team from GSBL will take part in the educational fairs that will be conducted across the nation. This helps in promoting the GSBL to a larger audience. Successful alumni’s of the institutions will be rolled into the marketing plan.<br />A detailed plan of action is chalked out and the budget is also given. Recommendations have been made at the end to improve and make the venture more appealing to the students.<br />

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