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Analysis of the Production and Operation Management issues at Grandiose Motors and Recommendations for future operations

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Number of References : 12

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 I. Introduction
 II. Executive Summary
 III. Current standing of Grandiose Motors
 IV. Problem Areas as identified
 V. Dealing with the ‘WHYS’ & ‘HOWS’ of the problems
 VI. Recommendations
 VII. Conclusion


This report comprises a complete case study of grandiose motors, also traces its 15 years of success. This report essentially looks at the way earned its mammoth stature and reputation and how it copes with the challenges pertaining to inventory management and demand. Having acquired a new dealership of auto supermarket, it diversifies its areas of functioning, as the dealership of auto supermarket is different from that of traditional cars that it had so far been dealing with. In past, each of the dealerships in the network marketed a different make of car and historically had operated autonomously. Report addresses how the varied problems and challenges Grandiose faces now, at the same time it looks to tailoring the various recommendations that would equip Grandiose to successfully manage the current areas of challenges. Some of the challenges it faces are the amount of space available for parts storage and the level of financial resources available to invest in parts and materials as it strains the both. Finally we would be looking at figuring a solution with respect to structuring the purchasing and inventory functions for the Grandiose Motors dealership network. Also would look at how purchasing and inventory management should be altered to match the different types of service part materials. And lastly how supply chain and inventory management can help reduce investment and space requirements at the same time maintaining adequate service levels.<br />

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