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Essay on the Role of grape variety and region in Wine production

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  Why Pinot Noir is not grown in Barossa Valley?
  Why is Chardonnay the most widely grown grape variety?


Wine production and consumption is as old as the human civilization itself. A good tasting wine is a combination of best of viticulture and the best of oenology. Barossa Valley, South Australia has some of the oldest wineries in the world. Barossa Valley was the only destination in Australia in New York Times list of ’53 placed to go in 2008’ (, 2009). Tastes of wines differ depending upon the grape variety used and mature date. Taste also varies greatly among wines matured in different climatic conditions. Some of the grape varieties can be grown in varying climatic conditions while some other grape varieties are extremely sensitive to changes in climatic conditions. A slight difference in climate, the grape cultivation may not produce the desired yields. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are two grape types that are quite opposite in the way they can be grown and their characteristics. This essay discusses the reasons as to why Pinot Noir is not grown in Barossa Valley and the reasons as to why Chardonnay is the most widely grown grape variety.<br />

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