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Green Marketing Report of Bio-Pak “Hot Cup & Lids”

Number of Words : 3419

Number of References : 15

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 1 Introduction
 1.2 Purpose
 1.3 Limitations
 1.4 Scope of the Report
 2 Product Background
 2.1 Product Description & Origin
 2.2 How the Product is Green
 2.3 Product Range/ Company Portfolio
 2.4 Target Market
 3 Marketing Mix: Product Strategy
 3.1 How green is the Product
 3.2 Product Class
 3.3 Product Life Cycle
 3.4 Branding Strategy
 4 Marketing Mix: Pricing Strategy
 4.1 Pricing Strategy
 4.2 Pricing Objectives
 4.3 Price Elasticity of Demand
 4.4 Two Factors Affecting Pricing
 5 Marketing Mix: Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy
 5.1 IMC Mixed- Promotional Elements
 5.2 Promotional Message & Creative Strategy
 5.3 Message Effectiveness in Terms of AIDA
 5.4 Effectiveness of Promotional Elements
 6 Recommendations
 7 Conclusions
 9 Bibliography


Consumer selections not only reveal cost and high quality priorities but additionally interpersonal and ethical beliefs as experienced in the exceptional development of the worldwide marketplace for organic and green products (Mazar & Zhong 2009). The main aim of this green marketing report is to analyze and assess the various green marketing aspects of Bio-Pak “Hot Cup & Lids”. These coffee cups are manufactured by the Bio-Pak, a famous, reputable company of Australia for manufacturing and delivering eco-friendly foodservices disposals and packaging. Hot Cup & Lids are different from the conventional coffee cups as they are produced in an environment friendly way. These cups are renewable and they are different, organic and unique. Bio-Pak is the first company in Australia to offer green hot cups and lids to the potential market. Consumers love to purchase the green products due to the increasing concern for the environment responsibility. The marketing mix of the Hot Cups and Lids has turned this product into a growth stage where it is progressively moving towards future development. <br />

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