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Short essay on ‘Habits of Mind’

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The students studying at the university live in a diverse environment where the sun never sets. The education in the universities is not only focused on the study of the books but work quite differently. The increasing emphasis is laid on the practical application of knowledge. The students et an opportunity to participate in the debates, class lectures, presentation, communications, case study solving, making of projects, working as a team and handling team related projects and develop these skills in the due course of time. The students take interest in the guest lectures by renowned faculty, field sessions, workshop and live projects. The students in the universities are enriched in subjects of organizational behavior, business ethics, business communication, computer applications. This results in the overall personality development of the students. <br /> Through the increased knowledge and information, the habits of mind are developed and the students apply the various tools in their day to day life to solve the various riddles. The habits of mind are recognized by the student’s behavior and attitude towards the evaluation in school. The knowledge and the education in the 21st century are based on not only on the learning but also on the listening and analytical skills of the students. The class room lectures prepares the students to develop and analyze creativity, problem solving technique, innovation, communication skills, productivity at workplace, leadership skills and self direction and assessment.<br />

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