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Report exploring the Health care industry of Australia and the growing concerns that encircle it with special reference to Alfred Health

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  Executive summary
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Alfred Health state on their website they are a leader in health care delivery, improvement, research and education. Alfred Health offer health care services at three different locations; The Alfred, Caulfield Hospital and Sandringham Hospital, but it is Caulfield Hospital that is at the pivotal point of this report. Caulfield Hospital is considered the ‘epicentre’ for Alfred Health’s Aged Care and Residential Care. <br />This report will explore the Health Care industry and the growing concerns that circle it. It will address a particular concern raised by Professor Hunter, from Alfred Health itself and attempt to provide meaningful and potential solutions to a very real and growing problem. <br />After analysing the background on the current and potential problems we are facing as a nation, such as an aging population and decline in the number of G.P’s attracted to Aged Care, three potential solutions will be discussed with an emphasize on what is considered the best solution. From here a high level costing analysis has been completed along with an implementation plan. Conclusions will then be drawn based on our findings. <br />

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