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Report on the areas of health risk in service industry

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 Executive Summary
 Industry Overview
 An Area of Risk in the Service Industry
 Standards related to Risk Area
 Development in dealing with Risk Area


In today’s dynamic environment all the industries face increased uncertainty and risks. Service industry is one of the fastest growing industries across the world and involves greater contribution of service by humans. Due to the greater human involvement there is increased risks in the workplace, which if not addressed can cause serious injuries resulting in loss in working hours by the human resource and can end in high employee turnover. The hotel industry requires the staff to perform various tasks, which includes manual efforts and they also have to follow a specified procedure to carry out the tasks. Hence the industry and government has chalked out Health & Safety regulations in all countries, which guides the industry workers in how to safely operate the equipments in the workplace and how to carry out the manual tasks as per the guidelines to avoid all the possible risks. The Health & Safety authorities in all the countries constantly analyze the regulations and the adherence of the standards by the industry so that they can help the employers create a safe environment for the workers. The employers and the government provide the knowledge about health and safety to its staff through training and written guidelines, which the workers can effectively follow and avoid the risks. The government is constantly improvising the approach to encourage the employers and workers to comply with the health and safety regulations through the practice of due diligence wherein the workers and employers understand the importance of health and safety at workplace and carry out the responsibilities effectively and thus manage the workplace risks effectively.<br />

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