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  • Marketing Communication assignment on Eliana’s Kitchen
  • This assignment meets the below given criteria –

    You work for the new agency and have been asked to advise Eliana on the following issue, critically analysing academic/theoretical thinking…

    • Regarding the concepts of opinion formers and opinion leaders, critically applying these concepts to Eliana’s Kitchen.
    • Of buyer behaviour, identifying the 3 main influencers on Eliana’s Kitchen consumer buyer behaviour
    • Behind brand positioning, identifying a relevant marketing communications message for Eliana’s Kitchen.
    • Regarding quantitative and qualitative research and how ONE method of communication research can be used to develop the above message at Eliana’s Kitchen.
    • Finally, you are to critically analyse ONE marketing communication tool and identify how you would integrate it with Point of Purchase material in the first year of Eliana’s Kitchen launch.

    Eliana’s Kitchen is a reputed company, well known in the field of manufacturing organic baby foods. The company has grown well over the past few years and now wants to go for an expansion drive by launching new products that will make the children eat healthy food from a young age. The company wants to know the various marketing strategies and tools used in the marketing of organic baby food and the consumer behavior in the purchase of organic baby foods.
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  • Marketing Plan on Mount Franklin Mineral Water
  • Mount Franklin is the leading mineral water company in Australia and owned by Coca-Cola Amatil. The companies slogan of ‘drink positive, think positive' explains the company’s ideology and mottoc . Company’s involvement with organizations that deal work environmental issues is a prime example of their care for environmental issues. The company is competing in a market that is dynamic and offers a lot of opportunities. This dynamic nature of the market attracts a lot of companies which raises the competition. Various factors like internal environment and external environment plays a major role in the company’s success. Mount Franklin’s brand name is the strength of the company while it’s dependency on natural resources and on PET bottles is a threat. There are a lot of opportunities for the company to grow and venture into other markets. The competition in the market is the major threat that the company faces.
    The main objectives of the company are:
    • Understand the effect that the company’s activities has on the environment
    • Minimize any harmful impact that the company has on the environment
    • Provide customers with pure bottled water of the highest quality

    Mount Franklin has adopted innovative marketing strategies to promote its products. Their strategy primarily concentrates on quality and then on pricing. There innovative ways of prompting their products involve effective using of e-commerce and ads in television. Their campaign to raise money for National Breast Cancer Foundation was a great way of working for a cause as well as marketing their products. It helped them grabs the attention of the customers.
    Few recommendations made to the company are:
    • Venture into new markets
    • Concentrate on health benefits and purity
    • Find an alternative for PET bottles
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  • A case study of Sol Melia and requisite marketing strategy of Best Western Hotel in context to its findings
  • This report attempts to analyse SolMelia thoroughly and apply the findings to the Best Western hotel critically. Through the case study of Sol Melia, pointers for development of the future scope of Best Western Hotel have been sought. Sol Melia is the largest hotel operator in Spain (it was established in 1956) and a leader in the market. A look at its history has been beneficial to investigate into the pros and cons or the strengths and opportunities of the establishment in the market. In the face of Helms-Burton law Sol Melia came in a threatening position but looking at its strengths, its concern towards environment has been very strong. The result can be easily seen through its 2007 performance when Sol Melia exceeded its objective of raising an annual amount of 100 million Euros in revenues through asset sales. Sol Melia’s success can be credited to its excellent communication and relations that it maintains as well as to its easy adaptation and adoption of latest technology (SAPR3 technology). Luxury Destinations and Hospitality Business Solutions have been identified as the key marketing strategies for Best Western Hotel (BWH). Development of these strategies requires pinpointing of increased and more diverse accommodation offers and maximization of customer satisfaction through customer relationship management. The projected outcome of the implementation of these strategies is indeed positive. It not only promises to add value to the hotel reputation but also strengthen its base thereby, increasing the profits. In the face of cut throat competition, it is essential to adopt these forward looking strategies for the hotel. The BWH can gain an added advantage through these accommodation and customer relationship management relationship. ... Less

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  • A Critique of PESTLE Analysis
  • • Porter’s Five Point Analysis
    • Importance of understanding external environment and PESTLE Analysis
    • References
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  • A Report on Marketing Orientation & its implications on an Organization
  • The report has been prepared to get an idea about the factor of market orientation in business. This term is being widely used since 1990 and the objectives of the report is to show its importance in running the business successfully in today’s modern world. The objectives of the report is to define and describe the advantages of market orientation in today’s world. An organization of repute has been studied in the report and suggestions has been made on various measures which the organization can adopt in order to become market oriented and hence can remain ahead of its competitotrs in terms of customer satisfaction in the long run.
    The reprt had a great scope of research as market orientation is becoming the central nerve line of existence in today’s modern world of business. As the economy is shifting towards service sector, the scope of research widens as customer satisfaction is a very important factor in service sector business. The identified organization can also take many steps for becoming more market oriented and this has widened the scope of research to a great extent
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  • A report on PDSA’s Marketing Strategy
  • PDSA is the leading charitable organization in U.K. providing free aids to sick pets. The non-profit organization was established in 1917 by Maria Dickin. The organization operates through 48 pet aid hospitals and 380 contracted private practices and providing services to eligible customers, that is pets of those who receives Housing benefit and council tax benefit. The organization legally named People’s Dispensary for Sick animals preferred to be known by their initials PDSA. PDSA providing charitable service for pet over years does not depend on government or lottery funding rather they are dependent only on their 180 charity shops chain which run throughout U.K. selling second-hand as well as new items with over 5000 people volunteering. In 2009 the organization’s pet aided hospitals provided for 2.3 million funded treatments and sold 360000 preventive measures like vaccination, neutering flea and worming products. The organization also registered 40000 pets for providing charitable pet aid services. (About Us) ... Less

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  • A Report on the development of integrated marketing communication strategy by Gatorade for introducing new product in Australia’s Market
  • This report aims to develop an integrated marketing communication strategy for a company called Gatorade. Gatorade is the market leader and the number one sports drink worldwide, however it has struggled to keep on top in the Australian market. The objective of Gatorade is to become a market leader in its product category. In an attempt to achieve its aim Gatorade has introduce a new product G2, which is an extension of its existing product. This report includes the target market and positioning strategy, SWOT analysis, and integration of FCB model and finally an integrated marketing communication strategy for its new product G2 in Australia’s market.

    The major finding indicated that though the Gatorade is a known brand across the world including Australia, it still faces some challenges in sustaining its competitive position against its competitors in Australia’s market. To sustain its competitive position against its competitors, Gatorade is introducing new product called G2 which is a low calorie sports drink. Currently its objectives are to effectively communicate G2 to the target market to develop awareness, acceptance and insistence. Increase market share by 55% in twelve months as well as to persuade intermediaries to stock Pepsi Co’s G2 low calorie sports drink. In order to achieve objectives, an integrated communication marketing plan has been developed using communication tools such as advertising sales promotions and point of purchase displays and materials. These communication tools provide vital support to its communication plan and helps in achieving brand awareness, influencing buyer’s behaviors and increasing market share.
    However, it is also important for Gatorade to be innovative in order to sustain its competitive advantage against it competitor. Further, all communications tools need to be used simultaneously and consistently throughout the year. This will help Gatorade to increase its market share as well as influence the attitude of its target market positively towards it product.
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  • A Study on Marketing Communication Strategy of Nespresso brand from Nestle
  • Marketing communication is a part of marketing mix tool which denotes passing brand related messages by use of different kinds of media about a particular product. Marketing communication is considered to be as important activity because it helps the customer to know about the product being launched in the targeted market (Kerr, 2013). The given topic of the research report is related to study in details the marketing communication of Nespresso by making use of its different communication tools like advertising, public relation, sales promotion, direct marketing and sponsorship. By conducting this study a general idea will be gained about how companies make use of the marketing communication tool and what sort of benefits they acquire by using it. ... Less

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  • Academic critique of Porter’s Five Force Competitive Model
  • • Introduction
    • Porter’s Five Forces Model
    • Criticism/Limitations of the Five Forces Model
    • Conclusion
    • References
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  • Academic paper on the key aspects of Principles of Marketing
  • This report is based on the following requirement -

    “Managers increasingly recognise that the route to achieving their commercial or social objectives lies in successfully meeting the needs and expectations of their customers…..organisations that don’t have the satisfaction of their customers at their core will find it increasingly hard to survive”.

    Hooley, G., Piercy, N., and Nicoulaud, B., (2012) Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning, 5th Ed. FT Prentice Hall p.5.

    By reference to academic literature, critically evaluate this proposition. Using examples, indicate how an organisation could apply this approach to create and manage its marketing strategy.

    You are required to produce an academic paper which demonstrates your understanding of key aspects of the Principles of Marketing.
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