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Arnold Palmer Hospital

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  • A report on the operation management of Arnold Palmer Hospital
  • The purpose of the paper is to understand and critically evaluate the present operation management of Arnold Palmer Hospital in context of their quality of service, processes and supply chain. The strategic and tactical perspective of the hospital is being analyzed in this paper to understand the current operating procedure of the Arnold Palmer restaurant to achieve their objective of 100 % customer (patient) satisfaction. The effort has been made through this paper to study the managing of different operations of the organization and to gain insight of the operating procedure that the hospital management follows to gain competitive advantage and sustainable development for the organization. The study helps to explore the existing faultiness in the managing of the different operations of the Arnold Palmer Restaurant.
    The objective of the paper is to examine the current procedures of the organization from the strategically and tactical perspective and to develop and justify a new approach for enhancing the operational procedure at Arnold Palmer Hospital. The progress of the organization is related to the way the hospital handles its quality of service, processes and supply chain in order to gain the customer satisfaction. Through this paper the attempt has been to analyze the current process and to put forth the suggestive actions for the enhancement of the procedure of operations of Arnold Palmer Hospital. The overall objective is to strategically and tactically induce the advancement of the contemporary procedures of the organization. The continuous improvement is necessary for the procedures of Arnold Palmer Hospital in order to achieve their goals of customer satisfaction and to gain competitive advancement in the long term.

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