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Business Communication

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  • Analysis of the website
  • Aspects to consider in the analysis include:

    • The purpose of the website.
    • The audience of the website.
    • Whether the website effectively meets its purpose and audience needs.
    • How context affects understanding of the website.
    • The communication techniques used in the website to deliver information to the audience and whether these techniques are effective. Communication techniques include the use of language, diagrams or images, colour and layout.
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  • Business Communication report on Rip Curl, Australia
  • Rip curl international company is a retailer and a manufacturer of surfing sportswear, mountain wear, wetsuits, and snowboards. The international company also manufactures backpacks, board covers, wallets and board bags (Bloomberg, 2011). The company started in Australia, founded by Doug Warbrick and Brian Singer in 1969 (Speer, 2006, p. 37). According to Brw, (2009, p. 130), one year after the company started, the founders focused on production of wetsuits, which changed the diving technology into a wetsuit for surfing (Australian Institute, 2010). Rip Curl was well known as a board wear brand in Australia, South America, North America, and in Europe (Ibis, 2010). Rip Curl being the largest international brand in board wear is not a public company, but a private company with a Chief Executive Officer by the name of Francois Payot. Rip Curl international company sells its products to worldwide retailers and it has other operational stores in other parts of the world such as Israel, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, USA, United Kingdom, and Peru (Bloomberg, 2011). ... Less

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  • Communication Plan for Nike Hypervenom Shoes
  • Introduction 3
    Product Profile: Nike Hypervenom 3
    Marketing and communications objectives 4
    Marketing objectives 4
    Communications objectives 4
    Campaign budget 5
    Approximate budget of the campaign 5
    Budgeting Method 5
    Marketing communications mix 6
    Media Vehicles 6
    Reasons for Choosing Media Vehicles 6
    Describe the creative concept of the campaign 7
    Translation of Concept to Online Advertisement 8
    Media planning and controls 8
    Media plan for HyperVenom 8
    Evaluation of Campaign Outcomes 9
    Bibliography 10
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  • Critical Review of the article - Interpersonal communication in the workplace - A highly unexplored region by Sam Dekay
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  • English and Communications for Business Questions
  • NA ... Less

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  • Questions on Corporate Communication
  • This paper answers the following questions on Corporate Communication -

    In today’s highly competitive business environment, many corporations practicing a business-to-consumer (B2C) approach believe that high media coverage may improve their corporate image. Discuss how to develop effective media relations programs in a selected leading company. Discuss your answer by focusing on corporate Malaysia.
    [40 marks]
    In today’s business, an antagonist firm can pose a serious threat to a protagonist firm. In this case, it is not easy to win reputation warfare. Using the risk, issues and crisis management model, select an antagonist firm and a protagonist firm. Describe how the protagonist measures its issues or crises which might pose threats to the antagonist’s reputation. Discuss your answer by focusing on corporate communication. ... Less

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  • Questions on the article - What prevents senior executives from commenting upon miscommunication in top management team meetings?
  • Table of Contents
    Question1: Two of the most frequently reported problems were "Getting off the subject" and "No goals or agenda." Discuss the ways in which meetings can be more productive. 3
    Question 2: Many factors influence the success of groups. One of these is structure and related power. In what ways would you use group theory to improve the outcomes for the group in this article? 4
    Question 3: Bambacas and Patrickson (2009) argue that communication skills are not a specific focus of interviews to employ managers. Perhaps that was an issue for this group. How would you use interviews to select strong communicators? 6
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  • Questions on the subject of Business Communication
  • This paper provides answer to the following questions -

    Q1. Briefly describe any situation in your own experience where the communication failed because the non-verbal behavior sent a negative message. Which aspect of non-verbal communication contributed to the failure? How would you correct this?

    Q2. What are the biggest barriers that prevent you from listening effectively? Explain how you could overcome these barriers.

    Q3. List and briefly describe the five most important guidelines, in your opinion, to be followed when making oral business presentations.

    Q4. You are a management trainee reporting to the Marketing Manager of an organization. You have been asked to go through business publications and summarize articles related to Branding. Explain the purpose of reading in this case and the type of reading that you will be required to do.

    Q5. In your opinion, what are the five most common mistakes made during business meetings. Justify your answer.

    Q6. Select any article from a business publication and prepare a summary of it in one fourth its size.. Write this in the form of a one page memo, addressed to your professor.

    Q7. You are the Marketing Manager of a consumer durables company, manufacturing washing machines. Write a routine adjustment letter to a customer in response to his routine claim letter requesting replacement of a defective product

    Q8. Write a one page press release, highlighting the launch of an innovative new product by your organization.

    Q9. List and briefly explain ten guidelines for writing effective business reports.

    Q 10. What is a case-based group discussion? What are some of the skills required to participate in a case-based GD?

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  • Report comparing the Business Communication strategies of RIP CURL and BILLABONG, Australia
  • Business communication plays an important role in the success and development of an organization. This business report aims at highlighting the importance and relevance of business communication in the success of Billabong, a clothing company that is known for selling surfwear and accessories all across the world. The report also aims at comparing the business communication process of Billabong with Rip Curl, one of the leading organizations selling gifts items in different parts of the world. The business communication process of both organizations is on the similar line because of the impact of globalization and wide arrays of consumers across the world (Agar,(1994).
    Over the years, online communication has changed the communication by making it fast and affordable for the masses. It has also helped in reaching consumers of different parts of the world in an effective manner. It needs to be understood that both organizations have been operating in different economies. The US economy has been severely hit by the recession and dip in the tourism creating trouble for Rip Curl while Australia has been considered as a hot tourist spot helping Billabong to be successful in the past as well as in the present (Joseph1993).
    Moreover, the problem with Rip Curl was more of a timid approach in terms of not being vocal about wide arrays of problems faced because of the impact of internal and external factors. The information was garnered from wide arrays of sources and resources like journals, website and newspapers that confirmed the communication approach raising problems. Overall, it can be assumed that the organization can only be successful through effective business strategies embedded with an honest and transparent mode of communication.Rip Curl lacked that approach affecting wide arrays of stakeholders while Billabong is on a steady path because of judicious and transparent communication (Roger. (1997)
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  • Report on the concept of corporate communication
  • Part A 2
    Introduction 2
    Corporate Communication 2
    Issues that are continuous risk for survival of Organization 2
    Addressing Issues using communication as a tool 3
    Suggestions to improve Corporate Communication 4
    Conclusion 5
    Part B 6
    Reflective 6
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