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  • Innovation and Change – A Case study on Tesco Plc
  • This report is based on the following criteria –

    Critically evaluate your chosen organisation's current innovation position with respect to the following five areas.

    Part 1: The organisation's need for innovation
    Points to consider:
    • What are the general imperatives in this industry sector?
    • How have these changed in the last five (5) to ten (10) years?
    • What specific Innovation imperatives face your chosen organisation?
    • What is the organisation's current level of Innovation?
    • How does this compare with other more innovative organisations?
    Part 2: The organisation's vision and strategy for innovation
    Points to consider:
    • How well does the current vision and strategy address the need for innovation?
    • What components does the vision contain?
    • Does the innovation strategy differ from corporate strategy?
    Part 3: Context, competencies and culture for innovation
    Points to consider:
    • To what extent is Innovation currently a core business process?
    • Which aspects of the organisation and its environment currently support innovation?
    • Which of these are most critical and why?
    Part 4: Learning for innovation
    Points to consider:
    • What avenues for learning currently exist in the organisation?
    • Which additional ones are most likely to be of value for the organisation and why?
    • To what extent is the organisation able to continuously innovate and change?
    Part 5: Potential change management issues
    Points to consider:
    • overall change process
    • barriers and enablers to change
    • internal and external communications
    • leadership and change agent roles
    • project management and measurement requirements.

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  • Operations Management assignment on TESCO
  • This assignment provides answer to the following question –

    Choose an operations management problem relating to an organisation with which you are familiar and undertake a critical review. This should include:

    1. an introduction to the problem and its relationship to operations practice in the organisation;
    2. an explanation of the process(es) under consideration (ideally incorporating some form of process map)
    3. a discussion of relevant Operations theory (make sure that you consider other theory as well as TQM, and that you demonstrate a critical approach to the theory);
    4. a comparison of the theory with the practice;
    5. consideration of changes which will improve quality and/or customer focus; and
    6. recommendations as to how the process(es) could be improved.

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  • Tesco’s project on expanding their market in Asia – Project management
  • This assignment is based on the following requirement –

    Write a report on the process approach to project management. For this assignment, you are required to research a number of case studies/articles. Based on these case studies/articles, you must:
    a) Identify and discuss the needs and expectations of stakeholders, and then, critically evaluate the process/approach selected for the management of this project
    b) Discuss a project in which scheduling is not important, and evaluate the use of work breakdown structure(WBS), Gantt chart, critical path method/analysis (CPM/CPA), and the basic PERT approach to scheduling for particular projects - use case studies to support your response
    c) Critically evaluate how the success of the project chosen in part (a) was measured, (assuming that there is more than one measure); discuss how it may have been reconciled
    d) As a summary, reflect on what you researched for this assignment and any implications for your current or future practice as a project manager. Evaluate how your perception about project management may have altered because of this assignment. Outline possible changes you intend to make to your practice as a project manager.
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  • Dividend Policy Analysis of four companies from UK – Tesco, Sainsbury, Shell & BP
  • Table of Contents 1
    Abstract 1
    Introduction and Literature Review 2
    Data Analysis: Methodology and Process 6
    Retail Industry (Tesco and Sainsbury): Background and analysis 7
    Oil and Gas Industry (Shell and BP): Background and analysis 9
    Results and Conclusions 12
    References 13
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