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Haya Water

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  • Analysis of Creative and Innovation Climate at Haya Water
  • Creativity and Innovation in the organization are very essential for it to sustain and expand its business. Creativity in organizations exists at individual levels, which can be effective utilized by the organizations by developing a creative climate, which include shared beliefs, norms and attitude of the management and employees and provides effective structure and culture and has effective human resource practices, which allow the employees to put forth their ideas and implement them with organizational support. Haya Water is government organization, which is in to supplying recycled water to the citizens in Muscat Governorate for the benefit of the people. The company’s semi-hierarchical structure and size of the organization makes it difficult to maintain creative climate at all levels and is limited only to some departments. The organization by creating team and allowing them to work on creative ideas and if feasible involve all other relevant employees to contribute their efforts, which can lead to development and maintenance of creative climate. ... Less

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