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  • Project management plan by Infosys
  • Infosys Technologies Limited, an Indian software development company has bagged order to develop user interface software for an American capital investment company ACIC Inc. ACIC is in need of a software application for its web site to enable internet users to create a brokerage account, view history of the account, to manage transactions etc.. It also requires a second part of the application, which enables authorized representative to open brokerage accounts on behalf of the customers after receiving filled in paper application forms. The application is an enhancement of the existing application, which was also developed by Infosys. The Project Management Plan developed by Infosys is aimed to serve two purposes viz., to show the client objectives, deliverables and process details and to use as a guideline for the team management and members to execute the project. Financial budgeting is excluded for third party reviews due to confidentiality issues. The objective of this academic report is to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the Project Management Plan developed by Infosys. The report uses a theoretical framework comprising of standard PMP modules such as Introduction, Missions and Objectives, Work Scope, Planning Basis, Work Breakdown Structure, Organization Development Plan, Resource Plan, Procurement and Logistics Plan, Logic and Schedules, Financial Management and Budgeting, Risk Analysis and Contingency Plan, Quality and Productivity Plan, Environmental and Safety Plan, Security Plan, Project Control and Administration Plan and Documentation and Configuration Management Plan. The framework also consists of the use of graphical tools such as MS Office Project, WBS charts, Gantt charts, flow charts etc.

    The paper finds the PMP concise and to the point. The PMP is rich in information but poor in presentation. The PMP includes all the technicalities of the software development environment. The PMP is scientifically designed and developed. The PMP uses statistical weightings to analyze the impact of defects on the overall progress and success of the project. But it lacks good presentation. The PMP lacks the use of the project development tools such as MS Office Project, WBS charts, flowcharts, Gantt charts etc. It is a complete project plan with all the details required for the concerned people to know the project objectives, deliverables and project stages. However, since it lacks graphical tools the understanding of the project processes takes longer time. The PMP is technically and logically sound but poor in presentation. The paper recommends Infosys to make good use of MS Office Project, WBS, flowcharts using SmartDraw and Gantt charts in its future Project Management Plans.
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  • Tesco’s project on expanding their market in Asia – Project management
  • This assignment is based on the following requirement –

    Write a report on the process approach to project management. For this assignment, you are required to research a number of case studies/articles. Based on these case studies/articles, you must:
    a) Identify and discuss the needs and expectations of stakeholders, and then, critically evaluate the process/approach selected for the management of this project
    b) Discuss a project in which scheduling is not important, and evaluate the use of work breakdown structure(WBS), Gantt chart, critical path method/analysis (CPM/CPA), and the basic PERT approach to scheduling for particular projects - use case studies to support your response
    c) Critically evaluate how the success of the project chosen in part (a) was measured, (assuming that there is more than one measure); discuss how it may have been reconciled
    d) As a summary, reflect on what you researched for this assignment and any implications for your current or future practice as a project manager. Evaluate how your perception about project management may have altered because of this assignment. Outline possible changes you intend to make to your practice as a project manager.
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  • Assignment on Conflict Resolution in Project Management
  • This assignment is based on the following description –

    Project management is no longer about managing the sequence of steps required to complete a project on time. There is a need for a holistic approach to project management in which human issues are considered and there is recognition of the creative element of projects.
    Successful project managers are expected to establish appropriate organisational and team structures; lead and motivate individuals; manage conflict; attract, select and retain the best people, make optimal decisions and manage change in a way which brings order into chaos whilst maintaining a creative, effective, efficient and productive environment.
    Select any one, or more, of these competencies and outline the relevant, current theories and their application to project management

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  • Essay on Project management skills and its relation to risk management
  • While implementing a project, a project manager needs to have certain skills. Otherwise, the project may become a failure due to several reasons. A good project manager must be aware of the fact that there has to be coordination among different team members. In that case, he is expected to get good inputs from his team members at various stages of the project. It is also the responsibility of the project manager to assess risk of the project. He must assess the risks, prioritize them and then analyze those risks and try to see that their impact is less on the execution of the project. ... Less

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  • Essay on Project risk management in IT projects
  • This paper addresses the important issues related to project risk management with specific reference to the field of IT (Information Technology) management. The paper discusses the nature of risks involved in IT management along with other significant issues. It also studies the implications of the essential strategies with regard to various tools and techniques used in the project management. ... Less

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