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  • Assignment on the Implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) in Toyota Corporation
  • Quality is a set of characteristics of a product or service that provides value addition and satisfaction to the customer upon consumption. The field of quality management is probably as old as any industry itself. Any product or service needs to be checked before it is handed over to the customer for consumption so that needs and expectations of the customer are met. Traditionally, quality control process was done at the end of manufacturing or production process of a product or service. The finished good was checked for compliance of product specifications and those which passed the test were sent for packaging and the rest were either discarded or resent to an earlier stage in the production chain. There used to be separate quality department, which ensured that finished products are checked for required quality standards. However, in the recent years the concept of quality has spread to encompass all the organizational activities including that of housekeeping. This approach although appeared to be cost intensive in the initial years of conception, soon companies started realizing the impact of quality management at all departments of organization, be it production, human resource, accounting or marketing. The companies that adopted such quality approach soon stood out in the market for quality and durability of the products manufactured. It was soon realized that such comprehensive quality management approach not only resulted in efficient and speedy deliverance of services and goods, it also ensured huge cost savings since each of the departments started contributing effectively to the core process of the company. This approach can broadly be called Total Quality Management or TQM, which will be discussed later in this paper. And one of the pioneers of implementation of total quality management is Toyota, which started its quality practices way back in the 60s. This paper tries to understand Total Quality Management with the help of scholarly articles on the topic. The paper then discusses the implementation of Total Quality Management in Toyota Corporation. ... Less

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  • Total Quality Management Assignment on a fictitious fast food restaurant in Queensland, Australia
  • Total quality management is a scientific approach to solve the problems that occurs in any organization. It also ensures that the steps are taken to reduce the breakdowns and delays, errors and defects and inefficiency. It is the attitude of the organization that is aiming in providing its customers the best of the services and satisfy their needs ( Brocka & Brocka 1992). Term total means involving everyone in the organization in achieving the quality at all levels and across all the functions. Quality means meeting the customers requirement at the first time as well as every time. Management means that everyone is responsible for managing their own jobs. This paper analyses the implementation of the total quality management in a fast food restaurant. ... Less

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  • Paper discussing Just in Time (JIT) approach and Total Quality Management (TQM) and its application to airline and automobile industry
  • Organizations need to integrate and manage all their processes and operations so that the costs are minimized and productivity or output is maximized. The profit of an organization is directly proportional to the earnings and inversely proportional to the costs. If the costs of carrying out the operations are more then profitability is reduced. If the earnings are reduced profits are also reduced. Effective use of resources would mean reduced costs and hence increased profitability. In order to reduce costs organizations try to reduce wastage and make best of the available resources. Operations management is about planning and managing different organizational processes so that quality products and services are delivered with the efficient and effective use of organizational resources such as raw materials, human resource, operational costs etc. Different approaches and different methods are invented over the past decades so that the organizations’ profitability and efficiency are improved. Some of the operation management methods that have changed the way a manufacturing process is carried out are Just in Time or JIT approach and TQM or Total Quality Management. The paper discusses JIT and TQM as applied to airline and automobile industries. The paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of these operation management methods as applied to automobile and airline industries. ... Less

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  • Quality management assignment on a Sports brand Puma
  • This assignment is based on the following requirement –

    Select an athletic shoe product designed for use in a specific sport (such as basketball, triathlon or mountain climbing), which has been launched as a new product or relaunched with a new and distinct style in the last eighteen (18) months. You must claim the product for yourself by ing your lecturer or tutor in person or by e-mail and naming the brand and the shoe style. Be specific, for example, “Nike Air 7 Retro”, not just “Nike Air”. As far as possible, you should ensure that you have selected a product which has not been selected by another student.
    Research details on the product and write a report on the product selected, ensuring that you:
    1. Describe how the quality of the product is communicated by the seller/supplier. This can be interpreted from packaging, materials, advertising, sales channels, supplier provided information on the Internet, etc.
    2. Develop a rating scale for the quality of your product, and use the scale to demonstrate how the quality of the product can be compared with at least three similar (competing) products by other manufacturers. (Use a one-to-five star rating scale like that used for hotels.)
    Be careful to limit the amount of information you provide. The lecturer may like to see a picture of the product, but will not be interested in reading detailed product specifications downloaded from the Internet, except where these are relevant to the content of your report. Do not concern yourself with the needs and wants of consumers. This report is about how the supplier has catered for quality in the manufacturing, presentation and delivery of their product.

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  • Problem Analysis using TQM and Strategic Recommendations on Mercadona
  • This case presents the predicament of a company trying to do right by its customers and its employees as the economic crisis of 2008 hits home. Fifteen years earlier, this Spanish supermarket chain had adopted its own version of total quality management, called the Total Quality Model, switching from the industry's traditional high-low pricing to "always low prices" and continuous improvement. These changes called for a well-trained, empowered, and enthusiastically engaged workforce dedicated to providing the best products and service to their customers, who were always and seriously referred to as "the Bosses." The Total Quality Model had been a success in terms of company growth and profitability, sustained by the success of Mercadona's unusually high investment in employee training and satisfaction. Nevertheless, when sales growth slowed down in 2008, CEO Juan Roig concluded that Mercadona had let its customers down by not keeping prices low enough for such hard times. Mercadona set about lowering its prices, reducing product variety, and lowering its financial targets for 2009. Of the 9,200 SKUs in an average store, the company decided to eliminate 1,000. But Roig still had to decide what to do about employee bonuses. Since Mercadona did not meet its 2008 targets, the company policy was that no one--not even top management--would get a bonus. But Roig knew that his employees worked hard and well in 2008 and could not be held totally responsible for the downturn or for management's failure to react quickly enough. Learning Objective To demonstrate that a low cost strategy in a retail environment can coexist with investment in employees and to show how processes can be designed and managed to achieve great store execution. Analyse the case. Provide background analysis, problem statement, problem analysis, identification and evaluation of alternatives, and strategic recommendations. ... Less

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