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Levi Strauss

Below are Essay & Assignments tackled by us on Levi Strauss

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  • Analysis of the famous case study – Levi Strauss Japan K K – Selling Jeans in Japan
  • This paper answers the following questions on the case study –
    1. What are the key success factors in the Japanese marketplace?
    2. To what extent do the Levi Strauss’s FSA’S & CSA’S match the KSFs? How has Levi’s been able to leverage its country of origin to become a leading brand? Can other American Jeans do the same?
    3. How would you explain the apparent success of LSJ’s advertising campaign stressing American values in Japan?
    4. List the pros and cons of the different distribution alternatives facing LSJ. Which one do you think has the best chance of succeeding?
    5. Would you retain the premium positioning of Levi’s in Japan. Why or why not?
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  • Assignment on Managing Operations - A critical review to organizational problem of Levis
  • 1. Introduction 3
    2. Company Background & Introduction to the Problem 3
    3. An explanation of processes under consideration 5
    4. A Discussion on Relevant Organizational Theory 6
    b) Total Quality Management 7
    5. Comparison of the Theory with Practice 11
    6. Recommendations on How the Process Can Be Improved 12
    7. Conclusion 14
    8. References 14

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