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  • Analysis of the famous case study – Sunpower Focussed on the future of Solar power by Rebecca M. Henderson, Joel Conkling and Scott Roberts
  • This paper answers the following questions on the case study –

    1. Describe the international market for solar power. How are demand and supply distributed across countries, and so which countries can be described as key in this market? Which companies are the main international producers, and how do they rank, e.g. in terms of MW of cell and module production? What are the industry’s prospects like?

    2. Describe the Global Capability Index and the Global Revenue Index. To the extent that the information in the case study allows, rank (a) Sharp Solar, (b) REC, and (c) SunPower rate in terms of these indices. Justify your answers. Consequently, what are the likely global ambition mappings of these corporations (i.e. global sourcer, or global exporter, or regional player, etc.)? Plot the position of these corporations in GCI/GRI space.

    3. Does SunPower focus on differentiating its products or on being a cost leader? Are economies of scale important for SunPower, and if so, what are the sources of these economies of scale?

    4. Does SunPower enjoy a sustainable competitive advantage? Justify your answer.

    5. Briefly describe the various stages of the solar power value chain. Sketch the mapping of the value chain for REC (by adapting and specifying fig. 2.6 in the textbook by Lasserre).
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