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Essay on “Having high quality human resource system and effective career development systems is an essential building block for transforming workplace learning. It is therefore important to reconsider the concepts of careers and career management in order

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Various researchers have examined the broader scope of human resources and have noted that the management of human resources is a multidimensional process with multiple effects. Dessler and Noe (2005, Pg 48) have mentioned that companies will face four competitive challenges in the first decade of 21st century which will increase the importance of HRM. These challenges are related to the global challenge, the quality challenge, the social challenge and challenges related to technology and structure. The choice of any HR management system requires a study of various aspects keeping in mind the underlying objectives and the cost aspects. Any complexity which is introduced can cause information overload and may divert the focus of the organization which is incompatible with the company goals. This can cause insecurity amongst employees for job, and such HR directives can make the firm less competitive over time. It is essential that the human resources management is in line with the strategic focus of an organization. This is beneficial since complex organizational problems can be handled much easier if both of them are aligned. Also, human, financial, and technological resources need to be given consideration in setting goals and assessing implementation capabilities. This ensures that there is optimal resource utilization. This is done by explicitly allocating resources to individuals for implementation. This has advantages for the firm, Dyer et al (1999, Pg 388) mentioned that human resources value creation process is difficult for a firm to imitate as they are path dependent and complex in creation because of the social and historical value creation process . Human resources strategies develop a match between certain strategic or organizational conditions and certain specified aspects of human resource processes or skills. One way is to involve managerial skills with characteristics of the product or the market conditions based on the product life cycle. Using role descriptions such as executive function, technical and managerial responsibilities, list of skill requirements etc, an organization can chose personnel for the executive position. <br />

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