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Analysis of the famous Holly Farm case study

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This paper answers the following questions on the case study – <br />1. Evaluate Gillian’s proposal to increase the number of farm visitors in 2008 by 50 per cent. You may wish to consider: <br />a. What are the main capacity constraints within these businesses? <br />b. Should she promote coach company visits, even if this involves offering a discount on the admission charges? <br />c. Should she pursue increasing visitors by car or school parties? <br />d. In what other ways is Gillian able to manage capacity? <br />e. What other information would help Gillian to take these decisions?<br />2. What factors should Gillian consider when deciding to increase the number of flavours from four to ten? (Note: For any calculations, assume that each month consists of four weeks. The effects of statutory holidays should be ignored for the purpose of this analysis)<br />

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