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Report on Honda Brand

Number of Words : 2935

Number of References : 19


 Introduction 3
 Brief history of Honda 3
 Market research and competition analysis 5
 Concept of USP 5
 USP of Honda 5
 Competition analysis 6
 Segmentation analysis 6
 Honda Cars 7
 Segment A: Small cars segment 7
 Segment B: Lower medium 7
 Segment C: Upper medium 8
 Segment: Luxury car segment 9
 SWOT analysis 9
 Segment A: Small car segment 9
 Segment B: Lower medium 10
 Segment C: Upper Medium 11
 Positioning of the brand in next five years 12
 Conclusion 14
 Bibliography 15


This report is based on the following questions - <br />• Give a brief history of this brand.<br /> • Undertake market research into the USP of your brand and its competition (utilising both marketing theory and practice).<br /> • Undertake segmentation analysis for your brand, you may like to use mind mapping for this. Then choose three different segments for your brand and undertake a detailed SWOT analysis for these three segments.<br /> • Were do you think your brand will be in five years time?<br />

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