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Analysis of the Horizontal and Vertical Integration in Global Port Terminal Operators

Number of Words : 3921

Number of References : 11


 Introduction 3
 History of Global Port Terminal Operators 3
 Importance of global trade 3
 Horizontal integration and vertical integration in Port Industry 4
 Main body 4
 Trends of integration in the industry of Global Terminal Operators 4
 Causes of these trends 7
 Facts from 2000 up to most recent data 8
 Main Body 11
 Actions of Horizontal Integration (which company acquired another, price, results, change in productivity, etc) 11
 Actions of Vertical Integration(which company acquired company in another part of the supply chain, price, results, change in productivity) 14
 Privatizations and their effects in integration procedures 17
 Conclusion 18
 Bibliography 20


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