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Questions on Hospitality Management

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This paper answers the following questions – <br />1. After reading the article, The liberation of hospitality management education, in conjunction with Study Guide Topic 1, answer the following question. In the context of learning and teaching Hospitality Management education, explain two (2) reasons for the need to include a multi-disciplinary social science driven curriculum that balances the vocational and action orientation with that of a liberal and reflective orientation. (100 WORDS)<br />2. In the derivation of the etymology of hospitality what is the association between stranger/guest and enemy? Explain two (2) reasons for visitors/strangers to be treated with suspicion and fear in ancient times. (100 WORDS)<br />3. Women hosts in ancient societies were honour-bound to please their guests through the provision of sexual relations. Thus, hospitality and sex were intricately linked just as food; shelter and security were intricately linked with hospitality. In light of this fact, discuss whether you believe hospitality and sex are linked in any way in contemporary commercial hospitality provision. Provide examples to illustrate your argument. (250 WORDS)<br />4. After reading the article From service to experience: understanding and defining the hospitality business, in the book of Abridged Readings undertake the following exercise. Lashley observes that “hospitality requires the guest to feel that the host is being hospitable through feelings of generosity, a desire to please and a genuine regard for the guest as an individual” (2000:15 as cited in Hemmington, 2007:8). However, “Commodification of hospitality creates a natural tension between hosts/servers and guests in terms of consumption” what are the arguments for and against this statement? (300 WORDS)<br />5. Explain with examples, three (3) different debates about the impact of globalization on patterns of food consumption. For example, this question expects you to consider whether globalisation is leading to differentiation or homogenisation of food consumption patterns. (100 WORDS)<br />6. Explain why you think the service encounter is described as a performance in the literature? Provide an example of a particular kind of performative labour. (100 WORDS)<br />7. “Guests and/or customers from different cultures would often bring with them different expectations and ideals of what constitutes good customer service”. Discuss this statement with relevant examples to illustrate your point/s. (100 WORDS)<br />8. Hospitality reception work is conceptualised as a feminised practice as it involves displaying female qualities and performing activities that women generally undertake (Novarra 1980; Adib and Guerrier 2003). Discuss whether you agree or disagree with this statement, and provide examples to back-up your response. (100 WORDS)<br />9. This question is based on your ability to think imaginatively and in a creative way. Describe using your imagination what you think will be the innovations that offer greater customer satisfaction in the year 2020, in any one or all of these areas: accommodation, food and beverage service, entertainment and security. (100 WORDS)<br />

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